Nurse Aide Training

Nurse Aides are healthcare professionals. If you desire to work in the healthcare field as a Nurse Aide, a good first step is to consider Nurse Aide training. Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy can help you get started! We offer a Nurse Aide training program in Michigan. The nurse aide training at Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy combines classroom instruction with hands-on training in labs and clinical settings to expose students to the topics, concepts and skills Nurse Aides frequently use in the workplace.

Nurse Aide programs are usually designed to teach their students about a variety of topics. These topics often include Interpersonal Skills, Infection Control, Safety and Emergency, Personal Skills Introduction, Care of Cognitively-Impaired Residents, Vital Signs, Height, and Weight, Nutrition and Hydration, Restorative and Rehabilitative Care, Care for the Developmentally Disabled, Depression, Death and Dying, and Communicable Disease. Students in our Nurse Aide training program will be exposed to each of these topics, and more.

Check out our blog. We have info on Nurse Aide training and much more. We also strive to share useful info on Nurse Aide careers. Take the first step! Learn more today. You can explore how to train to become a Nurse Aide. Are you interested in Nurse Aide training? If so, you should consider Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy. Your new career as a nurse aide can begin here at Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy.