Nursing Jobs on the Rise | Dorsey Schools, Michigan
The Wall Street Journal recently published a story on the rise of nursing jobs.  In their article, The Hottest Job In Health Care:  Nursing, author Melanie Evans cites that the job market for nurses is heating up in many areas.  Have you been thinking about pursuing a career in nursing,... Read more
5 Things Nobody Told You About Training in the Healthcare Field
5 Things Nobody Told You About Medical Training
Medical training can offer you the knowledge and the skills to help improve people’s lives. You may think of a doctor or a nurse when you hear the words medical training. However, there are other healthcare professionals that benefit from an education at various Michigan medical training schools. 5 Things... Read more
Best Apples for Baking | Culinary School Tips
Best Apples for Baking | Culinary School Tips
October is National Apple Month!  Today in our series Culinary School Tips, we’re sharing with you some of the best apples for baking.  With the fall season upon us, now is a great time to enjoy apples, particularly in baked dishes.  There are many types of apples out there today. ... Read more
Medical Assistant - How To Become Certified
What to Expect in Your Medical Assistant Training
Are you considering a new career as a Medical Assistant?  If you answered “yes,” congrats!  You’ve chosen a field and a profession that can be both challenging and rewarding.  Are you wondering what it takes to be a successful Medical Assistant? Well, no worries! We recently sat down with Lana... Read more