Michelle Obama’s 3-Step Face | Cosmetology Program
Michelle Obama is known for being many things: a lawyer, writer, public health advocate, and the first African-American First Lady of the United States. But despite her myriad achievements, she has undoubtedly received the most media attention for her keen sense of fashion and beauty. According to a recent Huffington... Read more
This Winter, HVAC Careers are Hot
Winter is the busiest time for HVAC technicians and in many regions, professionals are more likely to secure work during this season. Students enrolled in the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Systems Technician Diploma Program at Dorsey Schools will study maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting and the repair of related equipment.... Read more
What Does A Patient Care Technician Do?
New Year, New Career
If a steady paycheck and satisfying job are your goals, consider training to become a dental assistant (or D.A). The demand for preventative dental services is expected to grow, as dentists hire more assistants to complete routine tasks, thus allowing the dentist to see more patients in their practice and... Read more
Hot Facts about Heating Ventilation
Gone are the days of your household air conditioning blasting and the smell of barbeque from every backyard. Autumn is a new season that is marked by new weather, new smells and new household repairs. November reminds us that it’s time to get our heating and cooling systems repaired and... Read more
Searching for Schools…
You’ve written that final term paper – forever. You’re getting ready for the final exams – the final ones, that is. And then, you graduate from high school, and it is the end of an era (for you and every other graduating class in America, that is). It is exciting,... Read more
Study Tips For Final Exams | Dorsey Schools
Final exams and state boards are on the horizon. Let’s admit it: the pressure and stress is on. But let’s move on and NOT focus on the stress of exams. Instead, concentrate on some basic preparation that should help ease some of the pressure, courtesy of Dorsey Schools. As the... Read more