Battle of the Thanksgiving Leftovers!!
So far in our Thanksgiving-themed series, we’ve talked about how to cook a Thanksgiving  turkey, dished about side dishes, and drooled over desserts.  Thanksgiving Day will be here before you know it and it’s a day that can be filled with good food, the company of friends and family, and... Read more
A New Take on Thanksgiving Desserts
In this delicious installment of the Dorsey Dish Thanksgiving series, we are indulging in all things “desserts!”  Now that we’ve learned some tips on how to create a tasty turkey, we’ve learned a few secrets on how to whip up some healthy Thanksgiving side dishes, it’s time finish the Thanksgiving... Read more
Not Enough Cooks in the Kitchen?!
Not Enough Cooks in the Kitchen?! In this edition of the Dorsey Dish, we’re taking a closer look at a recent Wonkblog post published by Roberto Ferdman on the Washington Post’s website, The crippling problem restaurant-goers haven’t noticed but chefs are freaking out about, citing a shortage of cooks in... Read more
Dorsey Schools Releases Free Career Outlook Guides
Dorsey Schools has been a trusted provider of career training and education in Michigan for over 80 years.  Throughout that time, Dorsey has helped thousands of men and women train for exciting new careers in fields such as allied health, cosmetology, culinary arts, skilled trades, and business support specialties.  Dorsey... Read more
Dorsey Dish: The Tastes of #PureMichigan
There are many benefits to eating local foods. Purchasing local ingredients supports the economy of the community and the environment. The crops can be picked at the peak of their season for the best flavors. Eating local food is exciting as is eating seasonally. And these are only a few... Read more