What Are Some HVAC Jobs Available? 
When it comes to HVAC jobs available to trained technicians, your options may increase if you’re open to working as an employee or as a contractor. Specific HVAC training that you receive could also impact the types of jobs you land. For example, to work as a HVAC refrigeration technician,... Read more
10 Qualities of A Medical Biller
Are you considering an exciting new career as a Medical Biller?  If you answered “yes,” you’ve chosen a field and a profession that can be both challenging and rewarding!  Are you wondering what it takes to become a great Medical Biller?  Obviously, you want to receive the comprehensive training you... Read more
Dorsey Schools Awards Nearly 50K in Scholarships
Dorsey Schools, a trusted name in career education in Michigan for over 80 years, recently awarded nearly $50,000 in Scholarships to students. Dorsey Schools scholarships are opportunities available to their students to assist them in funding their education. Scholarship opportunities are usually communicated through the Financial Aid Department at Dorsey Schools,... Read more
A New Take on Thanksgiving Desserts
In this delicious installment of the Dorsey Dish Thanksgiving series, we are indulging in all things “desserts!”  Now that we’ve learned some tips on how to create a tasty turkey, we’ve learned a few secrets on how to whip up some healthy Thanksgiving side dishes, it’s time finish the Thanksgiving... Read more
Celebrating EMS Appreciation Week
This year, May 17-23 has been designated as EMS Appreciation week, a time for us to pause and celebrate EMS, its practitioners, and the important work they do in responding to various medical emergencies.  EMS Appreciation Week originated in 1973 with President Gerald Ford to not only honor these first... Read more
Medical Assistant Career Outlook
This is probably not the first time you’ve ever heard that the healthcare field is one of the fastest growing industries. The reason for this increase in healthcare-related jobs is due to the extended longevity of an aging population, which requires all types of positions in health and medicine. If... Read more
Dorsey Schools Acquires Birthing Simulator
Dorsey Schools Madison Heights campus is proud to announce that it is one of the first schools in the country (and the first in Michigan) to be using the Victoria birthing simulator for their Practical Nurse training program. The Victoria birthing simulator is the latest maternal/fetal simulator to come from... Read more