Student and Alumni Resources

Student and Alumni Resources

Here at Dorsey Schools we look to provide resources needed for our students and graduates to not only succeed in their program of choice, but succeed after they have graduated their program. The student and alumni resources section of our blog is dedicated to delivering the most up to date news, career planning tips, and organization ideas. In this section we will touch on:

  • Resumes
  • Cover letters
  • Interviewing
  • References
  • Thank you’s

Student and Alumni Resources

We invite you to check out our blog, where we share student and alumni resources for you to continue to stay on the path to success! In addition, career outlooks, as well as the latest information on career opportunities can be found here. Your Dorsey Schools diploma is just the first of your many amazing future achievements. Here at Dorsey, we love to share the success stories of our students. Feel free to contact us and share your story with us!


High School Seniors – What Are You Doing After Graduation?

Senior year of high school can be both an exciting and scary time. You’re graduating soon and embarking on the road towards beginning your adult life. Things are about to start changing quickly. But...

Dorsey Alumni Is Now On Facebook!

The Facebook page for Dorsey Schools has just added an Alumni tab! Begin an instant, never-ending class reunion with fellow students, as well as a chance to make contacts with graduates from different career...

If You Enjoyed Chemistry Class, Keep Reading

If you’ve ever taken prescription medication, you’re probably familiar with the level of detail on every prescription drug label. These labels list not only the exact amount of medication inside the bottle, but also...
Dorsey Schools to Participate in AIDS Walk Detroit 2016

Dorsey Schools to Participate in AIDS Walk Detroit 2016

AIDS Walk Detroit is a local organization.  Founded in 1991 by a small group of merchants and shop keepers in Royal Oak, AIDS Walk Detroit has raised over $3.8 million over the past 25...
Do you think you're cut out for training in the healthcare field?

Pharmacy Technician Licensure Fact or Fiction

Welcome to Fact or Fiction!  In this recurring series on our blog we’re going to set the record straight on various topics related to the fields our students are training to enter.  We aim...
Do you think you're cut out for training in the healthcare field?

Welcome to Summer Halftime. Then What?

The heat is on – literally (with record-breaking high temperatures), and figuratively (if you have not made a plan for your next move). Here is a mini-timetable (in paragraph form), courtesy of Dorsey Schools:...

Cool Careers for Hot Days | Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Systems Technician

Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems technician (HVAC) service requests could spike over the next few months as the United States embarks on summer. According to The Weather Channel, temperatures could reach well above...

How To Know If Your Career Path Has Purpose

A key part of career training involves offering you tools that help you to pick a career that aligns with your goals, passions, and purpose. This alignment is key to your overall success. But,...
Meet the Director of Nursing at our Saginaw, MI Campus

Meet the Director of Nursing at our Saginaw, MI Campus

Exciting things are happening here at Dorsey Schools. We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a Practical Nurse training program at our Saginaw, MI campus. To help kick off this exciting...