Student and Alumni Resources

Student and Alumni Resources

Here at Dorsey Schools we look to provide resources needed for our students and graduates to not only succeed in their program of choice, but succeed after they have graduated their program. The student and alumni resources section of our blog is dedicated to delivering the most up to date news, career planning tips, and organization ideas. In this section we will touch on:

  • Resumes
  • Cover letters
  • Interviewing
  • References
  • Thank you’s

Student and Alumni Resources

We invite you to check out our blog, where we share student and alumni resources for you to continue to stay on the path to success! In addition, career outlooks, as well as the latest information on career opportunities can be found here. Your Dorsey Schools diploma is just the first of your many amazing future achievements. Here at Dorsey, we love to share the success stories of our students. Feel free to contact us and share your story with us!


Woodward Dream Cruise 2016 – Local Michigan Restaurants

  It’s that time of year again…  The annual Woodward Dream Cruise is back!  Classic car enthusiasts, rev your engines!  Thousands are preparing to cruise up and down iconic Woodward Avenue on August 20th.  All...

Dorsey Alumni Is Now On Facebook!

The Facebook page for Dorsey Schools has just added an Alumni tab! Begin an instant, never-ending class reunion with fellow students, as well as a chance to make contacts with graduates from different career...
Health Information Professionals Week 2017

Why Is NOW A Great Time To Go Back To School?

Are you thinking about training for a new career?  Perhaps changing jobs?  With the New Year just days away, now is a great time to think about making a change.  If you’re thinking about...
Patient Care Technicians - 5 Skills You Need as a PCT

This New Year, Make a Resolution to Land your Dream Job

If applying makeup and styling your hair has always been an interest of yours, why not turn it into a successful career? With today’s huge emphasis on personal appearances, there has never been a better...

Happy Hairstylist Appreciation Day from Dorsey School of Beauty!

National Hairstylist Appreciation Day is celebrated each year on April 30th to recognize all of the hairstylists out there who help us look and feel our best on a daily basis.  Being a hairstylist...

Hundreds of Students Graduate from Dorsey Schools This Fall

This Fall, hundreds of students graduated from Dorsey Schools, marking the completion of their career training program.  Graduates, along with their families and friends, gathered to celebrate the culmination of all their hard work...

Study Tips For Final Exams | Dorsey Schools

Final exams and state boards are on the horizon. Let’s admit it: the pressure and stress is on. But let’s move on and NOT focus on the stress of exams. Instead, concentrate on some basic...
What Does A Patient Care Technician Do?

New Year, New Career

If a steady paycheck and satisfying job are your goals, consider training to become a dental assistant (or D.A). The demand for preventative dental services is expected to grow, as dentists hire more assistants...
Micigan Patient Care Tech - Job Description

4 Commitments Every Great Patient Care Technician Makes | Dorsey Schools

4 Commitments Every Great Patient Care Technician Makes As a Michigan Patient Care Technician, you could be someone's first line of defense against a developing illness. During an emergency, you could speak with a patient...
5 Things Nobody Told You About Training in the Healthcare Field

5 Things Nobody Told You About Medical Training

Medical training can offer you the knowledge and the skills to help improve people’s lives. You may think of a doctor or a nurse when you hear the words medical training. However, there are...