Future Students

Thinking about the career you want? Need to go back to school to pursue your passion? Look no further than Dorsey Schools. Dorsey schools offers many programs to accommodate future students and their passions. Future Students at Dorsey Schools can expect support and career counseling during and after completing their program. Don’t wait, get started today! Make the journey from a person with a dream to a graduate with a career.

Resources to Help You!

The journey towards a new career can be scary. There is no need to worry though. Here at Dorsey Schools, we would like to help. We invite you to check out our blog! We share helpful info on the programs offered along with topics related to our programs. As a future student you might want to check out the latest culinary recipe we feature, or perhaps beauty tips are more your speed. Our goal is to regularly share training and career information with you. Begin by taking the first step.


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