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Thinking about the career you want? Need to go back to school to pursue your passion? Look no further than Dorsey Schools. Dorsey schools offers many programs to accommodate future students and their passions. Future Students at Dorsey Schools can expect support and career counseling during and after completing their program. Don’t wait, get started today! Make the journey from a person with a dream to a graduate with a career.

Resources to Help You!

The journey towards a new career can be scary. There is no need to worry though. Here at Dorsey Schools, we would like to help. We invite you to check out our blog! We share helpful info on the programs offered along with topics related to our programs. As a future student you might want to check out the latest culinary recipe we feature, or perhaps beauty tips are more your speed. Our goal is to regularly share training and career information with you. Begin by taking the first step.

One of the most exciting parts of culinary school is the opportunity to work with great organizations after graduation.

How To Network Like A Pro In Culinary School | Dorsey Culinary Academy

How To Network Like A Pro In Culinary School | Dorsey Culinary Academy, MI By Chef Ryan Parker, Dorsey Culinary Academy – Roseville, MI campus One of the most exciting parts of culinary school is the...
Starting A Career Development Plan | Career Plan Dorsey Schools

The Easiest Way to Stop Procrastinating and Start a Career Development Plan

The Easiest Way to Stop Procrastinating and Start a Career Development Plan You know you need a career development plan, but you continue to find other things to do instead. Why? Perhaps career planning can...
Student Studying Career Development Plan

Why Spring is the Best Time To Start A Career Development Plan

You spend far too much time at work to be unhappy. Regardless of where you work, there may be times when you feel frustrated. There may also be times when you feel overwhelmed. However,...
LPN Programs in Michigan

Dorsey Schools Expands Practical Nursing Program

Do you want to train to become an LPN here in Michigan?  If so, this post is for you!  Dorsey Schools recently shared some exciting news!  The Michigan-based school announced that it will now...
3 Reasons Why You May Be Struggling Choosing A Career

3 Reasons You May Be Struggling On Your Career Path

Finding a career path that’s right for you is a key to your long term career success, yet many people struggle with choosing a rewarding path for their career. It’s not just high school...
Earning Your Medical Certification| Michigan Career Schools

3 Things You Should Overcome While Earning Your Medical Certification

The right characteristics can position you for academic success as a student enrolled in a medical training program. It’s also understandable why you would want to follow this training track. Earning a medical certification...
Holiday Recipes | Dorsey Schools of Michigan

6 Holiday Recipes From Dorsey Schools of Michigan

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Dorsey Schools!  Are you looking for some tasty holiday recipes?  If so, look no more!  Our talented team of chefs have shared some of their favorite...
How To Start Career Planning in 2017

Back to School Season Is Around the Corner | Career Training Programs

Are you thinking about enrolling in a career training program?  Want to make a career change?  With the New Year just a few weeks away, now is a great time to think about making...
Mint Chocolate Swirl Cookies | Dorsey Schools Michigan

Holiday Recipes | Chocolate Mint Swirl Cookies | Dorsey Culinary Academy

Season’s Greetings!  Our series of holiday recipes continues.  What would the holidays be without desserts?!  After all, who can pass up a delicious slice of apple pie?  Then there’s the age old question –...

Nursing Jobs on the Rise | Dorsey Schools, Michigan

The Wall Street Journal recently published a story on the rise of nursing jobs.  In their article, The Hottest Job In Health Care:  Nursing, author Melanie Evans cites that the job market for nurses...