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Congratulations! You have begun your future career by enrolling to be a student at Dorsey Schools. These articles pertain to our current students. Here you will receive ongoing support and resources along with articles covering a variety of topics and programs from Dorsey Schools.

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In addition to the resources mentioned above, our current students also benefit from articles and current events that may help them get more out of their program of choice or better prepare them for after graduation. Popular articles include resume writing tips, interviewing prep, career outlook by program category, and upcoming changes or news about programs at Dorsey Schools. The journey towards a new career can be scary. There is no need to worry though. Here at Dorsey Schools, we provide resources and support for your success. We invite you to check out our blog! We share helpful info on the programs offered along with topics related to our programs. As a current student you will want to check out the latest information and articles so that you can make the most of your experience at Dorsey Schools. Our goal is to regularly share training and career information with you.

5 Things Nobody Told You About Training in the Healthcare Field

5 Things Nobody Told You About Medical Training

Medical training can offer you the knowledge and the skills to help improve people’s lives. You may think of a doctor or a nurse when you hear the words medical training. However, there are...

Careers in Cosmetology | Qualities and Skills of a Licensed Cosmetologist

Are you interested in careers in cosmetology? If you answered “yes”, then congratulations! A career as a licensed cosmetologist can be very rewarding. However, before you decide to embark on this exciting journey there...
5 Qualities of a Medical Office Assistant | Career Training in Michigan | Dorsey Schools

Medical Assistant Resources | Medical Assistant Recognition Week 2016

Happy Medical Assistant Recognition Week 2016!  This is taking place from October 17th through the 21st.  It’s a time when we can all pause and salute all of the hardworking medical assistants.  All of...
7 Tools No Cosmetology Student Should Be Without

7 Cosmetology Tools No Beauty School Student Should be Without 

Cosmetology tools for beauty school students are like keys: they can help adults to gain entry into the beauty industry, an industry that has many opportunities. Consider this: there are thousands of beauty establishments in the...
Career Training Resources

7 Ways to Set Yourself Up For Success After Training For Your Career

Training for your career in Michigan can be the first step toward achieving long-term career success. As with other rewarding life choices, a successful career is fulfilling. It’s the type of career that pays...
Electrical Engineer

5 Characteristics of an Electrical Technician

Are you considering an exciting new as an electrical technician? If you answered “yes”, then congratulations! A career in the skilled trades can be a very rewarding. However, before you decide to begin your...
Medical Assistant - How To Become Certified

How To Become A Certified Medical Assistant

Are you interested in becoming a medical assistant? If so, that’s great news. The healthcare industry is a thriving field.  It’s also a field with promising career opportunities. Obtaining certification as a medical assistant...
Dorsey Schools to Participate in AIDS Walk Detroit 2016

Dorsey Schools to Participate in AIDS Walk Detroit 2016

AIDS Walk Detroit is a local organization.  Founded in 1991 by a small group of merchants and shop keepers in Royal Oak, AIDS Walk Detroit has raised over $3.8 million over the past 25...
3 Steps For Putting Your Culinary Career Into Action | Dorsey Schools of Michigan

3 Steps For Putting Your Culinary Career Into Action

Do you dream about preparing savory meals for exciting events like weddings, graduations, or catered community socials?  Pursue a culinary career and you could bring your passion to life. Some of the things you...
Back to School Study Tips - Dorsey Schools of Michigan

Career Training Programs Study Tips for Back to School

Are you heading back to school this fall?  If so, congratulations!  You’re embarking on an exciting journey with thousands of others.  For those enrolling in career training programs, they may be a bit nervous,...