Student and Alumni Resources

Student and Alumni Resources

Here at Dorsey Schools we look to provide resources needed for our students and graduates to not only succeed in their program of choice, but succeed after they have graduated their program. The student and alumni resources section of our blog is dedicated to delivering the most up to date news, career planning tips, and organization ideas. In this section we will touch on:

  • Resumes
  • Cover letters
  • Interviewing
  • References
  • Thank you’s

Student and Alumni Resources

We invite you to check out our blog, where we share student and alumni resources for you to continue to stay on the path to success! In addition, career outlooks, as well as the latest information on career opportunities can be found here. Your Dorsey Schools diploma is just the first of your many amazing future achievements. Here at Dorsey, we love to share the success stories of our students. Feel free to contact us and share your story with us!

Meet the Director of Nursing at our Saginaw, MI Campus

Meet the Director of Nursing at our Saginaw, MI Campus

Exciting things are happening here at Dorsey Schools. We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a Practical Nurse training program at our Saginaw, MI campus. To help kick off this exciting...
Medical Assistant Career Training in Saginaw Michigan - Dorsey Schools

Careers – Medical Assistant | Medical Assistant Programs in Saginaw Michigan

A convenient location, caring instructors, and a quality Medical Assistant program await you on the Dorsey Schools Saginaw campus (a branch campus of Madison Heights) in Michigan. Have you always been interested in Medical...
Why Career Planning is So Important | Dorsey Schools

Why Career Planning Is So Hard And What You Can Do About It ...

Career planning has a direct affect on personal happiness. A big reason why this is so impactful is due to all of the time you spend working. You can easily spend eight to 10...
How To Start Career Planning in 2017

2018 Back To School Season is Here Again | Dorsey Schools Career & Technical...

Are you thinking about enrolling in a career training program? Want to make a career change? With the New Year just a few weeks away, now is a great time to think about making...
Dorsey Schools 2017 Instructor of the Year Awards

Dorsey Schools 2017 Instructor of the Year Awards

Here at Dorsey Schools, we are extremely proud of the many talented and hardworking staff members who work with our students on a daily basis. As a way to give them a bit of...
Starting A Career Development Plan | Career Plan Dorsey Schools

The Easiest Way to Stop Procrastinating and Start a Career Development Plan

The Easiest Way to Stop Procrastinating and Start a Career Development Plan You know you need a career development plan, but you continue to find other things to do instead. Why? Perhaps career planning can...
Student Studying Career Development Plan

Why Spring is the Best Time To Start A Career Development Plan

You spend far too much time at work to be unhappy. Regardless of where you work, there may be times when you feel frustrated. There may also be times when you feel overwhelmed. However,...
Student Testimonial | Medical Assistant Program 2017

Student Testimonial | Sara From Our Medical Assistant program

Are you interested in learning more about the Medical Assistant program at Dorsey Schools?  Why not hear about it directly from one of our students.  Today we would like to introduce you to Sara,...
American Heart Month 2017

Dorsey Schools Celebrates American Heart Month 2017

February is known as American Heart Month.  It’s time set aside by the American Heart Association to raise awareness around the importance of good heart health.  American Heart Month has been celebrated since 1964. ...
LPN Programs in Michigan

Dorsey Schools Expands Practical Nurse program

Do you want to train to become an LPN here in Michigan?  If so, this post is for you!  Dorsey Schools recently shared some exciting news!  The Michigan-based school announced that it will now...