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Medical Training Schools

Are you looking at Medical Training Schools? Thinking about training for a new career in Allied Health? Have you always dreamed about working in healthcare? When you enroll in one of our Medical Training programs, the opportunity for a rewarding career in healthcare begins here at Dorsey Schools! At Dorsey Schools you can choose from several medical training programs. For example, we offer a Medical Assistant and a Medical Administration and Billing program. We also offer Patient Care Technician training and Dialysis Patient Care Technician training. Programs are also offered for those who wish to train to become a Pharmacy Technician or a Massage Therapist. At Dorsey Schools, we are committed to our students. Our goal is to provide quality Medical Training to the healthcare workers of tomorrow!

Medical Training School

Most of our Medical Training programs at Dorsey Schools offer a balanced curriculum. This means that the programs offer both in-class lectures as well as hands-on practice. Hands-on training can take place in our medical labs or the massage clinic on campus. Hands-on training allows students to practice what they are learning. Since healthcare workers deal directly with patients, this type of training can be beneficial. Check out our blog! We offer information on jobs in the medical field, on campus events, career outlooks and much more. We strive to share helpful info on training and careers. Take the first step! Learn more about exciting opportunities in healthcare. Are you interested in training for a career in healthcare? If so, consider Dorsey Schools. Your new career in healthcare can begin here at Dorsey Schools.

Medical Assistant Career Training in Saginaw Michigan - Dorsey Schools

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A convenient location, caring instructors, and a quality Medical Assistant program await you on the Dorsey Schools Saginaw campus (a branch campus of Madison Heights) in Michigan. Have you always been interested in Medical...
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Are you interested in becoming a medical assistant? If so, that’s great news. The healthcare industry is a thriving field with promising career opportunities. Obtaining certification as a medical assistant may open even more...
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What's the Difference between a Medical Assistant and an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)? Are you considering pursuing a career within the healthcare field? Are you unsure which specific path is for you? Well, no worries!...
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Deciding which healthcare jobs in Michigan could be right for you can be both exciting and confusing. In order to help you on your journey towards a new healthcare career, we've compiled a list...
5 Qualities of a Medical Office Assistant | Career Training in Michigan | Dorsey Schools

What are Medical Assistant Qualifications Needed for this Profession?

What are Medical Assistant Qualifications Needed for this Profession? While working as a medical assistant in Michigan, a medical assistant may perform a wide variety of tasks during the day, including clerical and clinical support,...
This year’s annual Health Information Professionals Week is March 26 – April 1, 2017. In today’s blog post, we are also going to shine a light on two job titles for those who may be working as health information professionals. These are medical secretary jobs and medical biller jobs. Read more here:

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What are your Objectives in Becoming a Medical Assistant? Are you looking forward to completing a training program so you can become a medical assistant? When you think about becoming a medical assistant, what are...
Practical Nursing Programs Michigan Dorsey Schools

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Students at Dorsey Schools are always looking for ways to give back in their local communities.  Students in our Practical Nurse program in Madison Heights, MI are no different!  Our Madison Heights campus (Main...
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As you get closer to completing your medical billing training, you will probably be searching for a career. The good news is that medical billing and coding is a growing field. Your skills could be...
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Practical Nursing program at our Roseville, MI campus.

Meet the Director of Nursing at our Roseville, MI Campus

Exciting things are happening at Dorsey Schools. We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a Practical Nurse program at our Roseville, MI campus (a branch campus of Madison Heights). To help...