Cosmetology School

Cosmetology School

Do you want to take your love for hair, makeup, and nails to the next level? Are you stylish, creative, or colorful? Do you have an artistic edge that you want to use as part of your new career? Are you looking at cosmetology schools in Michigan? Thinking about training for a new career in cosmetology? Have you always dreamed of going to cosmetology school? When you enroll at our cosmetology school in Michigan, the opportunity for a rewarding career in the beauty field begins here at Dorsey Schools! At Dorsey Schools, we are committed to our students. Our goal is to provide quality cosmetology training to those interested in entering the beauty field!

Dorsey Schools - Your Cosmetology School in Michigan

Check out our blog! We offer information on cosmetology school, on-campus events, career outlooks and much more. We strive to share helpful info on training and careers. This info can be helpful to those interested in this field. Take the first step! Get ready to take your love for hair, makeup, and nails to the next level with help from Dorsey. Learn more about exciting opportunities in the beauty field. Are you interested in training for a career in cosmetology? If so, consider Dorsey Schools. Your new career can begin here at Dorsey Schools.

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2018 Beauty Trends for Summer | Dorsey School of Beauty, MI

Now that summer is here, it is time to check out some of the beauty trends for summer 2018! Dorsey School of Beauty has done some research to find some of the trends when...
Summer Hair Tips and Trends 2017

Spring Into Summer Hair Trends

Summer is heating up and so are summer hair trends! Everyone seems to be more active as the days grow longer and brighter. Summer haircuts need to look good enough to take you from...
Eden and Elan Sassoon and Salon Matchmakers Crown Its First Cosmetology Student Winner

Eden and Elan Sassoon and Salon Matchmakers Crown Its First Cosmetology Student Winner

By: Deirdre Haggerty May 25, 2017 – Roseville, Michigan Salon Matchmakers, Co-founded by the Sassoons, crown its first cosmetology student winner. In an effort to jumpstart the beauty careers of future professionals in the Detroit area,...
Girl Painting Nails in Michigan Beauty School

Is Becoming A Cosmetology Instructor Right For You?

Licensed cosmetology instructors are responsible for teaching beauty school students the basics of cosmetology, and leading the class through the required coursework that prepares them for board exams and to work professionally in the...
Nail Technician Schools

Nail Technician School | 5 Things You Can Learn in a Manicuring Program

A manicuring program can help prepare the beauty professionals of tomorrow. Students who graduate from Manicuring Programs in Michigan usually go on to work in nail salons, spas, or hair salons. Curriculums in these...
5 Things Hair Stylists Must Do Every Day

5 Things Hair Stylists Must Do Every Day

5 Things Hair Stylists Must Do Every Day Hair stylists are very busy people! When you attend a hair stylist school, you will have the opportunity to learn about techniques for styling and managing hair. You...
Cosmetology Interview Tips For Students | Dorsey Schools

Five Interview Tips for Cosmo Students and Graduates

Are you interested in pursuing a career in Cosmetology? If so, then you've come to the right place. Pursuing a cosmetology career can be confusing, if even intimidating. In order to help you prepare...
Nail Technician Schools

Nail Technician Jobs | Nail Technician Job Description | Dorsey School of Beauty

  Are you thinking about becoming a nail technician (or a manicurist)?  If so, you may be wondering what a nail technician job description looks like.  Well, nail technicians are professionals in the beauty field. ...
Skills That Great Cosmetologists Have

3 Habits of Highly Effective Cosmetologists

What is a cosmetologist and what do you need to know to be highly effective in the field? Cosmetologists work with people to help them style and maintain their hair, skin, and nails, all...
Practice Using Your Cosmetology Skills

7 Steps Needed For Putting Cosmetology Skills Into Action

Cosmetologists influence how people feel about themselves. A new hairstyle, fresh facial, or manicure can be a confidence booster. It's no wonder that people focus on their appearance before they go on a first...