Becoming a Paramedic – 3 Steps to Begin a Career of Service

becoming paramedic

What is it exactly that makes a great paramedic? Paramedics are natural at giving their undivided attention to emergencies while keeping patients calm. They are trained to respond efficiently and effectively in the wake of natural disasters, crime scenes, or accidents. By valuing the lives of others and wanting to ease their pain, they make decisions that could potentially save lives. If you see these qualities in yourself, then it may be time to use them for the greater good and pursue a career as a paramedic! They are healthcare professionals that provide essential medical care to people in need while working alongside police and firefighters. In three easy steps, you could begin your journey towards a rewarding career as a paramedic and help make a difference in your community.

1. Research and Enroll in a Paramedic Training School

To pursue training as a paramedic, you would need to have taken an Emergency Medical Technician training program. If you have become a certified E.M.T., then the first step to becoming a paramedic is finding and enrolling in a Paramedic training school. When deciding on a Paramedic school, it would be wise to choose a school that meets your personal preferences but also offers beneficial opportunities for your career. This could include proper training in paramedic job duties and a program that provides you with clinical hours such as emergency or ambulance experience. These clinical hours could help prepare you for paramedic responsibilities such as:

  1. Provide first-aid care for injured or sick patients
  2. Respond to emergency 911 calls quickly and effectively
  3. Transport patients by ambulance to a hospital or emergency facility
  4. Record treatment given to the patient and relay it to the medical team¹

All of these duties are essential for your career and could mean the difference between life and death for someone in need! The school you obtain training from could be the foundation for your career, so make sure you begin strong.

2. Enhance your Skill Set by Starting a Paramedic Program

After you have chosen a school that fits your specific career goals, you can begin the next phase of your journey – a paramedic training program. Receiving the proper training could give you the vital qualities needed to be a successful paramedic! These qualities could include compassion, interpersonal skills, listening skills, problem-solving, and communication skills.² Paramedics need to have compassionate hearts that can empathize with people who are suffering. Working well with others is another essential quality a paramedic must possess. Being a team player helps ensure effective medical attention that patients depend on. If you already have some of these great qualities, the right training could help enhance your current skills.

Are You Ready to Enroll in a Paramedic Training Program? Learn More Here

3. Begin a Career of Service with Paramedic Certification

After you have completed your training, it’s time to take the proper examinations to become a certified paramedic. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, once you have successfully graduated from a training program, you will need to take a certification exam through The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.³ Passing this exam will certify you on a national level and allow you to move forward toward your career of service to others. Certification is a vital step that could help you to stand out in your field and qualify you for licensure, which is required by all states.4

Paramedic Training at Dorsey College

Now that you have explored these three easy steps, begin your journey at Dorsey College. Our Paramedic training program is designed to build upon the knowledge and skills a student has learned during their Emergency Medical Technician training. If you have not taken an Emergency Medical Technician course, you can learn more here.

Students enrolled in our Paramedic program can benefit from both classroom and clinical instruction. Once you’re an active student, you will need to complete 500 hours of clinical experience, which includes exposure in an ambulance and emergency room. Learn how you could be a vital asset to a medical team and your community by completing your Paramedic training at Dorsey College!

Our Paramedic training at Dorsey College is offered at the following campus locations:

  1. Madison Heights, MI (Main Campus)
  2. Woodhaven, MI (A branch campus of Madison Heights)

Begin a Career of Service by training to pursue a career as a Paramedic at Dorsey College.

Dorsey College has determined that its Paramedic program curriculum is sufficient to fulfill educational requirements for licensure in the State of Michigan only. No educational determinations have been made for any other state, district or US territory in regards to licensure requirements.