Farmington Hills Campus FAQs

Dorsey Schools Farmington Hills, MI Campus

Dorsey Schools Farmington Hills, MI Campus FAQs


Please Note:  The Farmington Hills campus is not accepting new students at this time.


Where is the Dorsey Schools Farmington Hills, MI campus located?
The Farmington Hills campus of Dorsey Schools is located at 33533 W. 12 Mile Road Suite 152 Farmington Hills, MI 48331. We are located in the Gateway Building, which is located near the corner of Farmington Road and W. 12 Mile Road.


Can I get to the Dorsey Schools Farmington Hills, MI campus on the bus?
Yes, our campus is accessible by public transportation.


I’m visiting the Farmington Hills, MI campus for the first time. Where should I park and report once I arrive?
There is a large parking lot in the Gateway Building that you can use when visiting our campus. When you arrive, you’ll want to report to Suite 152. This is where our reception area is located and where you will check-in. A member of our staff can assist you upon checking in at the reception area.


What programs are offered at the Dorsey Schools Farmington Hills, MI campus?
The Dorsey Schools Farmington Hills, MI campus offers the following career training programs:

Please Note:  The Farmington Hills campus is not accepting new students at this time.


How long will it take me to complete my program?
Each of the training programs at the Farmington Hills, MI campus are designed to be completed in a year or less!


How will I know if the Farmington Hills, MI campus is closed or classes are cancelled due to inclement weather or a power outage?
In instances when a class needs to be cancelled or school is closed due to an emergency such as a power outage or a snow day, Dorsey Schools has established the following set of resources to keep students and staff informed:

  • Students can check for school closure information with the major local television stations in their area.
  • School closures will also be posted on our homepage under News/Events and the main Dorsey Schools Facebook page.
  • Students may call the Dorsey Schools Emergency Alert line at 855-630-1012 to receive info on school closures.


Is there a break room available at the campus for students?
Yes! Our campus has a break room available for students to use before and after classes as well as during breaks.


If I want to study at the Farmington Hills, MI campus before or after class, can I do that?
Yes, in fact, many of our students like to study on campus outside of normal class hours. Check with a member of our staff and they can direct you to the resources available to you as a student.


How will I know what resources are available to me to help me fund my education?
If you are interested in studying at Dorsey Schools, when you visit our campus, you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our Financial Aid Advisors. They will share information with you such as tuition and any applicable fees for your program of interest, as well as the various funding sources that may be available at our institution. The goal of our Financial Aid team is to ensure our prospective students and current students understand the various need and non-need based Financial Aid programs, and provide assistance through the application process.

Additional Information and resources are also available on the Financial Aid page of the Dorsey Schools website. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.


Can you get me a job once I graduate?
No school can guarantee their students and graduates a job once they have finished their program. Here at Dorsey Schools, we offer career services assistance to all eligible graduates. You can learn more about the type of assistance our Career Services Coordinators offer by visiting our Career Services for Students and Graduates page.


Do you offer babysitting or childcare?
Our campus does not offer babysitting or childcare for enrolled students, however, if this is a concern for you, our team is more than happy to share any information we have available regarding local resources that may be able to assist you.


I’ve been out of school for a while. Can I really do this?
You can! Our staff understands that our students come to us from different backgrounds and at different stages in their life. We are prepared to help each of our students make the most of their career training at Dorsey.


Who are your students? Will there be people like me?
Our students come to us from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.


If I run into difficulties during my program, is there someone I can talk to?
We’re committed to our students and want to help them succeed. If you’re having academic challenges during your program, we would encourage you to meet with your instructors at the Farmington Hills, MI campus. If you have another concern, our Managing Director at the Farmington Hills, MI campus has an open door policy and is always willing to speak with students regarding any concerns they may have.