Meet Scott, Starreatha, and Stephanie: Graduates of Dorsey’s Culinary Arts Schools

Hi my name is Stephanie Quallman and I’m a graduate of the Dorsey Culinary Schools.  The best part about styduing at Dorsey was all of the great friendships I made with teachers and the students. When people eat your food and you see the expression on their face it just… it feels you up with joy! 

My name is Scott Jack and I’m a graduate of the Dorsey Culinary Schools. The part that I’ve studied here at Dorsey would be the one-on-one program. The hands-on program that we’ve got here at Dorsey, was very beneficial.

My name is Starreatha James and I’m a graduate of the Dorsey Culinary Schools. The best part about studying at Dorsey was they have great instructors to help, and they’ll make sure that you do the best that you can. I won’t be standing here today if it wasn’t for Dorsey!

Discover Dorsey’s Culinary Arts Schools

Meet Scott, Starreatha, and Stephanie: Graduates of Dorsey’s Culinary Arts Schools

Dorsey’s Culinary Arts Schools offers career training in this popular profession that continues to grow. Cooking has been elevated in the past few years from an intriguing hobby to a whimsical art form to a serious career goal, crafted by dedicated and experienced professionals. As part of our Culinary Arts program, each student will receive their individual culinary equipment that is necessary to complete the cooking courses in this program.

Designed to prepare students to work in professional food serving facilities in both the public and private sectors, students of the Culinary Arts program “learn by doing” in the practical side of professional food preparation; education takes place in both kitchen and classroom settings.

The Culinary Arts program at Dorsey Schools is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation.

Professional Cooking Career Outlook

Graduates of the Culinary Arts program can enjoy a diverse selection of job possibilities to choose from. Some of these positions may include sous chef, rounds cook, line cook, short-order cook, baker, garde manger, and pantry supervisor, among others.

Jobs in this field can be found anywhere food is prepared and served in both private and public settings, such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, hospitals, and bakeries. It’s important to note that the Culinary industry is one that places great value on experience in the field.

The Culinary Arts Diploma Program is offered at the following Dorsey Schools campus locations:

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Culinary Arts Program – Gainful Employment Disclosures

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who have completed the program, and other important information, please click here.

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