Contact Dorsey Schools FAQs

I want to learn more about your programs and what you offer. How can I contact Dorsey Schools to get this information?
One of our Admissions Representatives would be happy to speak with you! You may Contact Us here or you can give us a call at 888-422-1188.


I’d like to contact the Dorsey Schools team, but I’m not interested in going to school. How can I do that?
If you’d like to contact one of our campuses, you may visit our Campus Locations page to view the contact information for the location of your choice. You may also email our staff at


I’m a current student and I have a concern regarding my studies and/or continuing my studies and would like to speak with someone. Who should I contact?
We would first recommend that you speak with the Managing Director at your campus. Each of our Managing Directors has an open door policy and is happy to speak with you regarding any challenges or problems you may be having.


I graduated from Dorsey and need a copy of my diploma and/or transcript. How can I request that information?
You may visit our Request a Diploma/Transcript page to learn more about this process.


I understand Dorsey also operates some other schools that offer different types of training. How do I learn more about them?
Yes, Dorsey Schools operates several other schools that offer specialized career training programs (such as EMS, Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy, etc.). You can learn more about these schools by visiting our Divisions of Dorsey Schools page.


How will I know if campus is closed due to weather conditions or a power outage?
In instances when a class needs to be cancelled or school is closed due to an emergency such as a power outage or a snow day, Dorsey Schools has established the following set of resources to keep students and staff informed:

  • Students can check for school closure information with the major local television stations in their area.
  • School closures will also be posted on our homepage under News/Events and the main Dorsey Schools Facebook page.
  • Students may call the Dorsey Schools Emergency Alert line at 855-630-1012 to receive info on school closures.


I would like to work for Dorsey Schools. How can I learn about employment opportunities?
Feel free to visit our Employment Opportunities page where you can search current job openings with Dorsey Schools.


I am interested in learning more about some of the services Dorsey offers (Catering, Salon, Massage). Where can I get that information?
Feel free to click on the link below of the service you are interested in learning more about: